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Silver Lake Gold — June Lake Loop
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Bay Bridge Lights — Embarcadero
3 / 5
Sunset at Wire Lakes — Immigrant Wilderness
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Rough Stock String — Rodeo Horses
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Stock Pond Silhouette — Sierra Nevada Foothills
Silver Lake Gold Bay Bridge Lights Sunset at Wire Lakes Rough Stock String Stock Pond Silhouette

Landscape, Nature, and Western Lifestyle Photography


He’s on a mission?

Yeah, a mission.

You mean, like the Blues Brothers?

Ancient history, but if you remember them, yes.

And what is that mission?

Well in the case of photographic efforts, to follow the lead of so many great example and chase the light — the wild, wild light. To capture it, befriend it, and store it in a bottle. But its a feral horse, free, all energy, and mobile. Expecting to chase it down and pitch a Houlihan on it, dally it up, drag it home, and hop on without a fight, is not in the cards for most of us. So it’s a process, and the heart of the mission is to earn and learn and refine, in the way one studies or practices toward the ideal of perfection in any art. It may be true that nothing’s perfect, but that’s no excuse not to give it the best fight you can. So fight on.


But what’s the point of storing the light in a digital bottle other than to finally let it out, to publish it? The objective then is to make some of all this effort available to others. So Terrance Emerson offers fine art prints for collectors and decorators, and digital stock images for designers, art directors, commercial advertisers, book publishers, websites, and more.

It’s a digital age, and without a doubt, the world of modern digital photography is extremely competitive. There seems no end to capable photographers, including big names with determined dedication and blessed with awesome and amazing talent. In the center of the maelstrom, Terrance strives to offer high quality digital images from his own perspective. As every photographer is different, and every moment is unique, his collection is necessarily unlike any other. He sincerely hopes that there is something specific in his libraries that you are unable to find anywhere else.

Terrance also tries to provide meaningful content for anyone interested in digital photography. See if there’s not something here for you.

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