License Images Directly From Terrance Emerson

All of Terrance Emerson's images, as defined here, are copyrighted, with all rights reserved. By law, image licensing is required for all usage of copyrighted images.

If you’re not familiar with image licensing, think of it as renting the use of an image for a specific usage or/and a specific time. aPhotoEditor. offers an extremely useful explanation of common image licensing. There are basically two common types of image licensing: Non-Exclusive and Exclusive. If you are familiar with licensing and wan’t to license images from Terrance Emerson, well, you know what to do next.


Exclusive licenses are more expensive since they deprive the copyright holder from third party sales provides. A licensing method called “Right Managed” is an example of an exclusive license. A Rights Managed license allow the licensee (that’s you) exclusive use of the licensor’s image (that’s me). Rights Managed guarantees the buyer/licensee that the same image will not be licensed to anyone else for a specific period of time as agreed by contract. Learn more about Rights Managed licensing here: Rights Managed Licenses explained.


A Non-Exclusive license is generally much less expensive, but allows the copyright holder to sell additional licenses of the same image to other parties under separate agreements. In other words, as many people can use the image as have licensed it, all at the same time. A licensing method called “Royalty Free” is an example of a non-exclusive license. A Royalty Free license allow the licensee one time use of the image for a limited amount of reproductions, typically 5000 or less. A Royalty Free Extended license allows the user licensee one time use of the license for large reproduction runs, typically unlimited. It’s basically inexpensive, but the downside is that many licensees can use the specific image at the same time. Learn more about Royalty Free licensing here: Royalty Free Photo Licenses explained.

Now that you understand licensing, Terrance Emerson offers several different types of image licensing: Royalty Free, Royalty Free Extended, and Rights Managed.

Rights Managed

Images created after 2015 are only offered as Rights Managed, or exclusive contract agreement between a licensee and Terrance Emerson. The latter library is of the highest quality and the highest resolution. Be aware Terrance Emerson makes all of the images in his library available on demand as fine art prints, and his Rights Managed contracts state this by default. That means that while they are licensable as exclusive images for restricted use to the licensee, including reproduction, Terrance Emerson always retains the right to make any and all of his copyrighted images available for sale in limited numbers as fine art prints.

Royalty Free

A large library of Terrance Emerson’s images is under contract with three popular photographic agencies. They were created between 2007 and 2015. The resolution varies. Download them immediately here. They are available to license for Royalty free and Royalty Free Extended usage, but not for exclusive use or for fine art prints. Rights Managed exclusive use licensing is only available directly through Terrance Emerson. The terms of Royalty Free licensing usage is determined by the rights licensing contracts offered by the respective agencies. You are urged to read their terms before downloading.

Sometimes individuals want to license one or more of these agency represented Royalty Free images for exclusive Rights Managed use. In these cases Terrance removes the image from the agency libraries for the duration of the exclusive agreement. If you really love one or more and want to make it exclusive to your cause, contact Terrance with your request.

Prints and Merchandise

Fine art prints of Terrance Emerson’s images are available here. A limited number of Terrance Emerson’s images are also available imprinted on merchandise at the same link.

Fine art prints purchased from Terrance Emerson, and merchandise bearing his images, become the buyer’s physical property. However, Terrance Emerson retains full rights to all images represented on prints and/or merchandise. Alteration and/or reproduction is prohibited by copyright law. If you have a great need, request written approval and Terrance will discuss it.

Artist Credit

Terrance Emerson’s Rights Managed licensing agreements include a clause requiring license to credit Terrance Emerson when an image is used for purposes that allow it. A link to his website, is always appreciated. For images contracted in writing for advertising and commercial use, credit is clearly impractical, and therefore not required.

Image Sales

Once in a great while, Terrance sells the full rights to certain images to those that feel they simply must own a specific image along with its copyright. This is especially true for those with limited budgets representing charitable and socially beneficial organizations, or support groups and fund raising activities. Clearly, because the income stream is lost forever, they tend to be expensive, unless you’re representing a very, very worthy charitable cause. If you’re certain that’s true of you, contact Terrance and he might think about it.

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