About High Sierra Scenics

High Sierra Scenics was formed in 2008 a business container for the photographic work of Terrance Emerson.

But how do you start something like this? Maybe one day your tax advisor want’s to know where the new money is coming from and how he’s going to report it. Is it a business? Does it have a name? Are these image sales royalties? And maybe things just start to happen.

It was like that with High Sierra. In 2007, This photographer began to sell him work. Quietly at first. But it wasn’t long before someone notified him that one of his images was going to press as a magazine cover photo. The publisher wanted to know if Terry had a business name and a website. You know, like all the great fine art photographers do. If he did, the publisher would credit them, along with his name. But there was a catch. There was only a day or two before the publication went to press.

Yikes. So it was time to think up a name for a business container, one with an available URL — and that was a challenge in itself — race off to Godaddy and register the URL, and build a website with at least a little quality, get a host, and upload the files. All in 48 hours. So he did just that. From haphazard and fragile beginning, it’s grown to handle the sale and license of Terrance Emerson’s personal photography.

Here are a few of the venues that have published and credited Terrance Emerson under the High Sierra umbrella.

Stock Agency Contracts

Adobe Stock

Getty Images


Book Covers For:

Oxford University Press

Avalon Travel Publishing Outdoor Guidebooks

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Feature Article, Website, or Cover Images For:

The Wall Street Journal



Mother Jones

Chicago Tribune

Science Daily

Consumer Affairs

Mother Earth News

NBC News

The Appalachian Mountain Club

Indian Country Today

Live Science

Daily Finance

Renewable Energy World

The Delta Journal

Smarter Travel

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